Sunday, November 07, 2004

Aliyah Quote #2: Even the Thieves are "Better"

A case occurred: bandits came upon Talmidim of R. Akiva, the Talmidim said "We are heading to Ako." When they reached Keziv [their true destination,] the bandits realized that they were tricked. The bandits remarked that R. Akiva's Talmidim were never harmed. [Likewise in Bavel] thieves came upon Rav Menasheh. He said "I am heading to Pumbadisa." When he reached Bei Tursa [his true destination,] the thieves realized that they were tricked. The thieves said: "You are a Talmid of [Rav] Yehudah the swindler!" ... [From here we see that even] the thieves of Bavel are so much coarser than those of Eretz Yisrael [who praised R. Akiva]! (Avodah Zarah 25b-26a)


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