Sunday, January 23, 2005

Why do people still PAY for online dating when you can get it for FREE?

So I started this blog as a spinoff of the Kumah blog. And that has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side I can now blog about any topic - even if it isn't related to Kumah. And even if it only relates directly to me. I don't have to worry about cluttering up the Kumah blog moaning about how long some Aliyah forms are and how lazy I am to fill them out! On the downside I've probably been neglecting the Kumah blog and except for some cool pictures I took at the Winter 2004 Nefesh B'Nefesh flight I haven't really had any solid posts there in a while.

Well this blog is not the only thing to blame that on actually. The truth is I've also been busy with Project SingOlim. (By the way, I can't believe there are still people out there PAYING for Jewish dating sites when you have some awesome sites around like So here's the truth behind how Kumah found Frumsky and gave birth to SingOlim - though perhaps I should avoid metaphors this snowy Saturday night - err Sunday morning.

Well actually I was out hunting for volunteers and I remembered a roommate and college buddy of mine actually was on the volunteer staff at Frumster. So I dropped him an e-mail and asked him if Kumah and Frumsky can maybe hang out some time. I also requested a photo. Now this part of the story I'll leave blank on the advice of my lawyers. Needless to say Kumah still needed volunteers and as the only FREE volunteer run website still out there was the obvious choice. To boot, (is that the right expression I'm looking for?) it has a nice clean layout, a good sense of humor, and is clearly growing faster and faster.

So I contacted them. At the same time my co-worker tells me his friend is involved with another website called . So I say "wow, another awesome website! Thanks for the tip but I'm more interested in Frumsky. But I guess if Frumsky falls though I can always turn to" HA! Long story, short - it's the same people behind both! Coolness, Parker! Okay - so maybe it doesn't sound so funny after all but trust me I was cracking up when I found that out. Yes, yes, it's one of those "you had to be there" moments.

Anyway fast forward a few months and Project SingOlim is really starting to take off. So if you are interested in Aliyah check it out. And if you are single and aren't interested in Aliyah you should be - but in the meantime check out And if you are married or just aren't interested in dating - but think online networking is cool, you are very wise and should check out! Oh, and I promise no one paid me to post this! In fact I'm scratching my head figuring out how this ended up sounding like an infomercial - I blame the snow and late night TV! But if you are interested in paying me to post your product line contact my business manager and pinchas at kumah dot org. ;-)


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