Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A New Low For Ha'aretz: Hell

Rest assured, despite popular belief The New York Times will not be the official periodical of purgatory. That's because there's already a victor in the bid to secure the exclusive netherworld newspaper rights. See, this cherished honor is reserved for the true G-d haters: Ha'aretz. That's right. When it comes to hating G-d and his Chosen People there isn't a Nazi in the world that could contend with the Jews. The very Fuhrer himself would not be able to invoke the same venomous disdain for those that believe the Almighty runs the world. The poison that spews forth from this "holder for dog droppings" accomplishes little for bridging the religious-secular divide in Israel today. Instead of encouraging, and even inciting pure hate, Haaretz ought to preach respect and tolerance. Including respect for those that know well in their hearts, the Jewish People would not exist after 3300 years filled with ups and all too many downs if the Creator of the Universe Himself wasn't holding our hand all along that bumpy journey.

(But would the dog even want to "go" on this? )


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