Monday, February 06, 2006

One Last JIB Award, Vote for Dave!

Voting from the 2005 JIBs has now concluded but there’s still one more poll left open. You see, “Aussie Dave” put in months of hard work to bring these awards to fruition. He did this as a volunteer. He did it – in his own words “to bring attention to the plethora of Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs out there, which I consider absolutely necessary in light of the mainstream media bias against Israel (and, to some extent, Jews).” He did not do it for all the “rubbish” we most ungratefully handed him. Yet, he still put up with us.

Ironically like last year, Dave and his blog, Israellycool – which almost certainly deserves “the gold” in every JIB category out there (except for maybe “best new blog” and perhaps “best student life blog”) will not be awarded a single JIB this year. You see Dave ruled himself to be ineligible. This despite the fact that no one would object to his inclusion (well most of us wouldn't).

So now here is our chance to thank Dave for all his hard work! Voting is now open right below. You can vote once every day. And this poll stays open forever!*

So let’s all give Dave our vote!

Best Jewish & Israeli Blog Promoter

* or till whenever...


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