Monday, February 19, 2007

Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Liberal College

Well Brandis found millions of more "Jews" in America. Maybe they could use the same faulty logic to find they aren't losing millions of dollars but gaining millions of dollars?

If it's a half dollar... No, better! Even if it's a quarter of a dollar we'll call it a dollar..." Reports:

Brandeis Losing Millions after Hosting Carter

Brandeis University has lost large donors following its hosting former President Jimmy Carter, whose book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid has caused a storm of protest. One student on the faculty-student committee said he was told the appearance cost the prestigious university $5 million.

"These were not people who send $5 to the university. These were major donors, and major potential donors," Brandeis professor Jonathan Sarna told the New York Jewish Week.

Carter's visit also cost the university $95,000 for logistics and security.


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