Monday, April 23, 2007

Round one polls now open!

Okay everybody! It's that time again. JIB voting time. Two awards I was nominated for have been delayed a week - but the others are ready to go.

I laid out things real easy for you. The whole thing takes a few seconds.

1.To vote click on a link below.
A new window should open. (Or right click and "open in new window.")
3.Close the window and right click on the next link...

Point of Pinchas -
Best Personal Blog (Group D)

Best Photo/Graphics Blog (Group B)

Best Series - Delayed a week
Best Picture or Video in a Post - Delayed a week

Thanks! If you have another minute I also do some blogging with Kumah (and worked on the new kumah design - see "Best Designed" below) which is in the running for these:

Best Group Blog (Group B)

Best Pro-Israel Advocacy Blog (Group C)

Best Slice of Life in Israel Blog (Group B)

Best Designed (Group B)

Best Contribution / Blog that Made a Difference (Group C)

Best Jewish Religious Post - Delayed a week <- This is MY post which was cross posted here!
Best Live Event Coverage Post - Delayed a week

Thanks for your support!


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