Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It’s Not Official Till There’s a Nigerian scam

Well that didn't take long...

Dear Sir/Madam,

You may be surprised to receive this letter from me since you do not know me personally. I am MRS. SUHA ARAFAT the wife of KING YASSER ARAFAT IX, also known as ABU AMMAR who was recently murdered by the Zionist entity.

I got your contact through French Chamber of commerce Industry hence I decided to write you. Before the death of my husband, he had notified me about the money $3b (Three Billion United States Dollars) he deposited in a Swiss Bank account as if he fore saw the looming danger in the Zionist entity.

This money was deposited in a box as personal valuables for a foreign partner to avoid much demurrage from the American infidels. This amount was meant for the purchase of five new mansions, several swimming pools, a personal international airport, and 32,086 (Thirty Two Thousand and Eight-Six) new Mercedes Benzes. The remaining funds were to insure an esteemed spot on the Forbes top ten list.

However the inhumane Zionist entity introduced a new Land Act reform, which wholly affected the plan to destroy the Zionists. This resulted to killing and mob action by Zimbabwean war veterans and some lunatics in the society. All the details of with can be most accurately assured here: http://archives.cnn.com/2000/FOOD/news/10/25/
In fact, a lot of people were killed because of this land reformed Act for which my husband was one of the victims.

It is against this background that, my children and I who are currently staying in my Paris château decided to transfer my husband money to a foreign country since the law of the Infidels prohibits poor refugees such as myself from embezzling foreign aid and from opening any bank account or to be involved in any financial transaction throughout the territorial zones of Senegal Dakar. I am now saddled with the responsibility of seeking for a genuine foreigner who can provide us with a reliable account where this money could be transferred into .All I seek for is an honest person, as honest as myself and my husband who is still alive, whom I can entrust with my future and That of my family. I must also let you know that this transaction demands absolute confidentiality.

If you accept to assist me and my family, all I want from you is to help us with an account in your name, which will aid us in transferring the money into any account, you Will nominate overseas.

This money we intend to use for investment and growth in your country and not for Mercedes. For your efforts we are prepared to give to you 20% of the total funds or you can go into partnership with us for the proper profitable investment of the money in your country. Whichever the option you want, feel free to notify me. I have also mapped out 5% of this money for all kinds of expenses we might incur in the process of this transaction, bribes, hitmans, and personal army. If you do not prefer a partnership I am willing to give you the percentage proposed above.

If you are really capable and willing to assist us please contact me immediately through this e-mail address olduglyfatlady@wallawallawalla.co.fr finally, please treat this matter as urgent as possible I am in dire need to leave this country soonest with my money, I mean family.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation

Best Regards
Mrs. Suha Arafat


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, that is too funny. A little fun fact. There was a scammer on Frumsky.com that started sending email like this to the members. He of course was booted from the system.

4:10 PM  

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