Sunday, January 30, 2005

Almost all Jews from Afghanistan and Iraq have made Aliyah!

1948 Jewish population: Approximately 150,000
Today: Approximately 11

1978: Jewish population: Approximately 40,000
Today: 1

United States of America
1998 Jewish population: Approximately 5,800,000
Soon: ?

1998 Jewish Population: Approximately 4,847,000
Soon: Everybody, including you!

Yes, yes, it's already been all over the blogsphere.

There were two Jews left in Afghanistan and shul politics - but of course - came between them. One has just died.

But no one seems to have mentioned this angle. What it means is that the ingathering of the exiles is complete from Afghanistan. (This last Jew's wife and family are already living in Israel and they want him Home!) Two years ago there were reports that there were just 11 Jews left in Iraq - also known as Bavel, which 1500 years ago looked like 13th Avenue and Avenue J in terms of the sheer number of Jews living there! The clock has been ticking for some time already. How much longer will there still be more Jews in the Diaspora than in our homeland? Not very much longer I dare say...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jews who have made Aliyah from Iraq were mostly living their lives in fear. They weren’t allowed to leave. Israel was a dream for them. Therefore, when the government of Israel actually BOUGHT them from the Iraqi government, they were thrilled to leave.

The American Jews are too comfortable where they are. They can fly anytime they want to Israel, and still live their lives in the States. They can also make Aliyah fairly easily without anyone stopping them. It’s harder to get people to be passionate about something that seems so simple and ordinary to them, than about something that is a dream. I'm afraid it will be a much longer process. MUCH longer.

(This, of course, is only if c"v it'll take us that long to be worthy of Mashiach.)

4:45 AM  

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