Monday, September 19, 2005

Tree Planting For Gush Katif Uprooted

Saw this posted here in Yerushalayim:

WUJS (The World Union of Jewish Students) in conjunction with Keren Kayemet LeIsrael, Lev Achad Organisation [sic] and the Israeli Defense Forces invite you to:

Tree planting in the new park in the settlement of Nitzan

About 1,000 evacuees from Gush Katif have so far been moved to the settlement of Nitzan, the settlement was established under pressure and therefore still does not look like or function like a real settlement.

On Tuesday 20th September [UPDATE: This has been postponed until Thursday 29th September] 2005 students from Israel and abroad will go together with children from the settlement to plant about 400 trees forming the first “park” in Nitzan. Hopefully this initiative with [sic… will] improve the look of the settlement and will make the residents feel more “at home” …

Pick up information: Tuesday 20th September [UPDATE: Changed to Thursday 29th September], at 13:00, Binyanei Hauma (returning some time in the evening)

For additional information and to register: 02 – 625 – 1682,


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