Thursday, October 27, 2005

Succos Wrap-up (Photos!)

If you haven't made Aliyah yet what are you waiting for? Here are some pictures of Sukkos 5766 in Jerusalem to show you what you're missing!

Well if there was a lulav shortage you couldn't tell by visiting the "Arabah Minim Shuk" on Rachov Strauss...

There were "Simcha Beit Hashoavos" all over the Land. Here's the band "Simply Tsfat" playing at Shappel's.

And of course the traditional "Birchas Cohanim" at the Kotel where thousands of people from all over our Land are "Oleh Regel" to visit Jerusalem.

(Photo Credit: Woman Section Photos taken by "Leah").

Rain Threatened...

...But the sun persevered.

The Chief Rabbis were on hand...

...and in the Sukkah nearby.

A concert in the Old City's "Rova."

Ahh...cotton candy and popcorn. It must be Sukkos!

Singing and dancing at the Mir Yeshiva...

And at any of the many random enormous Sukkos around...

Sometimes even with a "Rebbe."

Yep... cotton candy and popcorn.

And at the Kotel on Hoshana Rabba Night...

...reading "Sefer Davarim" for "Mishna Torah..."

...While at Jerusalem's Great Synagogue Rav Herschel Schecter teaches Torah as part of the minhag to learn Torah all night.

Next Year - experience it LIVE!

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