Friday, September 23, 2005

Anonymous, Bite Your Tongue

In response to the blog posting Hurricane Katif - err Katrina and Modern Day Pharaohs this comment was posted:
Anonymous said...
1. Im confused why hashem would punish the poorest people in the united states for the sins of Bush. These arent his voter base. Wouldnt it be more appropriate that hashem send a hurricane to destroy Dallas.

Hashem Yeracham! (May G-d Have Mercy!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry it was 63a, and it doesnt support your claim. It means that the punishment is to teach israel to repent, its a warning for the future.
See the recent Yated editorial, which confirmed this point of view.
Also, I say again, why should poor people suffer for the displacement of a bunch of rich gazan israelis!
With the 300k they were offered they could buy beutiful houses in mattisyahu and pocket a nice profit to boot!

5:27 PM  
Blogger Pinchas said...

And maybe it's a warning that you should make Aliyah quickly - like Rav Kaduri says...

3:38 PM  

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