Saturday, March 03, 2007

Warner Brothers Can't Spell "Israel"

The following was posted by me on the Kumah blog. I post some things there that I don't post here and some things here that I don't post there. So you'll have to check both sites. (You can click on the little icon next to my name on the Kumah site to see all my posts there...) So though this post originally appeared on Kumah I added a little update here to it at the end...

Yes, I admit it. This is how I learned my geography growing up. But back in my day we didn't have YouTube where you could easy pause stuff and realize that they completely misspelled our homeland's name! (Pause it at 56 second left or 50 seconds in.) Spielberg (or should I spell it incorrectly "Speilberg") should be ashamed! And I never noticed how they squeezed in a "Palestine" at the end (though Yakko doesn't point to anything when he says it... hmm...)

In any case it's loads of fun! Enjoy!

Update: In fact I didn't miss it after all when it first aired on T.V. in the early 90's. When it first aired WB didn't include any "sing-along" text. That was only released later - but it was indeed Warner Brothers that spelled "Israel" wrong. This fact was actually pointed out on Wikipedia! Yes, there is actually a wikipedia entry for this song. There they also question why Palestine is listed along with asking why a whole host of counties (over 30) were left out. Included among those left out are two countries that always vote with Israel in the U.N.: Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia. I noticed they were missing but I wasn't sure if they achived Statehood before the song was made. They did. Hmm. Makes you wonder how Spielberg wouldn't dare forget something that doesn't exist like Palestine, but would forget a great country like Micronesia...


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