Thursday, May 10, 2007

Four Time JIBs Finalist! Vote Now!

It's safe to say I'm one of the smallest blogs competing in the JIBs this year and certainly among the smallest to make it all the way to finals. It's been a rush and I've gotten a lot of exposure which is nice because I think this blog has an important message to share. Voting is now open!

1. To vote click on a link below. (Repeat this for all links.)
A new window should open. (Or right click and "open in new window.")

2. Vote!

3. Close the window and right click on the next link...

First up,
Best Picture or Video in a Post
This is for photos I took at a Nefesh B'Nefesh (NBN) flight arrival. It was very emotional!

Best Series
This is for my "Only in Israel" Series. Here I share things that only happen in Israel.

Also, as I do post lots of my photos here...
Best Photo/Graphics Blog

And of course there's...
Best Personal Blog

And if you have a bit more time there are two more from a different blog I work with. I wrote about the Shabbat Candle Ladies of Yershalayim, here and it was also posted on the Kumah blog. Well it's in the finals via Kumah for
Best Jewish Religious Post

And speaking of Kumah I spent many hours designing and coding the new look and it is up for
Best Designed with just five others.

Thanks for your support!


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