Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Three Amazing and Cheap Israel Trips for Winter Break!

Got plans yet for winter break?

Below are some really amazing subsided trips to Israel for college-aged students. The best part is you may be able to go on more than one. I highly recommend the Pilot Trip that is being given by Yavneh Olami. I went on it two years ago (though it was run by Tehilla then - but it looks like the same people are running it). I must say it really prepared me well for Aliyah and you get to learn a lot and have fun at the same time!

Check out this Aliyah Pilot Trip being run by Yavneh
Olami. This may be a perfect followup to Hasbara Fellowships:

Aliyah Pilot Trip: School may have just started but winter plans are already being made. Yavneh is running an incredible Aliyah Pilot Trip (January 2-9) for those who want to look into further study and work opportunities in the homeland. Applications and temporary itenary will up at soon. Check it out and register. Deadline to sign up is December 1, 2004.

Cost is $200. This price does not include flight or health insurance. For more info call Aharon at 212.465.9234 or email at

Aharon Horwitz
National Coordinator, Yavneh Olami North America
T: 212.465.9234
F: 212.465.9246

Yavneh Olami North America
7 Penn Plaza, Suite 205
New York, NY

Vist us on the web:

Yavneh Olami North America is the Zionist Jewish Student movement affiliated with Religious Zionists of America-Mizrachi/Hapoel Hamizrachi.

2. Two week trip with North American Jewish Student Alliance

From: Rabbi Charles Lebow
Subject: Israel deal for Winter break

Please read and distribute to your lists.

Now, you too can't afford to miss Israel this winter! Announcing a special Israel winter break program for college-age students. This is not a Birthright program and does not carry birthright restrictions. So if you have been on birthright or don't qualify this may be the tirp for you.

Two weeks in Jerusalem learning about Judaism and its relevance for today. You can check out these programs at

Five days to be spent as delegates to the World Union of Jewish Students Congress in Haifa ( for details).

Two possible dates of departure: December 19 or December 26.

The program will cover travel costs, student accommodations and most meals. Note that during the learning component the men and women will be in separate locations.

Travel subsidies of $500 per person will be awarded at the conclusion of the program.

Participants must commit to the full participation in the program in order to receive travel subsidies. Most evening activities will be optional.

For more details and application, send an e-mail to:

Rabbi Charles Lebow
Senior Advisor
North American Jewish Student Alliance


Hasbara Fellowships is a leadership development seminar for top Jewish university students from across North America. Due to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, there is a necessity to develop young Jewish leaders who are educated and knowledgeable about Israeli history and politics, as well as capable of communicating a pro-Israel message to the Diaspora community, specifically on college campuses. The Hasbara Fellowships program consists of mainly three tracks:

1. Educating students on Israeli and Middle East history and politics, focusing specifically on the issues of the Palestinian conflict.

2. Training students to be effective activists on their campuses by sharing tools to create a pro-active pro-Israel campaign.

3. Building students' Jewish identity and knowledge in order to be effective Jewish leaders.

In addition, participants visit important sites throughout the country and meet with political leaders from across the ideological spectrum. Students will be expected to create a plan for a pro-Israel campaign upon returning to their campus, and will be aided by the Hasbara Fellowships staff in bringing this plan into action.


The cost of this program is $599, including a round trip flight from New York to Tel Aviv. Other subsidies and scholarships are available.

Lori Hoch
Campus Coordinator
Hasbara Fellowships
phone: 646-365-0030 ext. 16
fax: 212-391-7630
cell: 917-863-9707
AIM: The Loche


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I was a madricha for Hasbara, it's highly recommended.

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