Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yes, We Can Build!

One morning this week on my daily walk to work I past some protesters holding signs and beating on drums. While I am not known to be shy about snapping pictures when I find something blog worthy, I didn’t feel this was one of those times. No, for it’s not so polite to post the pictures of fools on Internet for the world to see.

Now a disclaimer, I’m not name-calling here. To do so, would be to lose the argument before it began. Using the word “fool” in this case is an observation, not an insult. See, these particular protesters were clearly Jewish; most likely students from the nearby Hebrew University in Jerusalem. They were also clearly well intentioned. They did not seek the destruction of Israel. They even sought to strengthen her.

Still they invoked foolish logic, assuming that the way to strengthen the Jewish people and our homeland is by ceasing settlement and freezing building. Nothing could be further than the truth. In fact our enemies, who are no fools, understand clearly that this is precisely the formula for destruction. A nation that is not growing is shrinking. A nation that is not building is falling apart. Building and settling the land are the most fundamental activities a Zionist can embark on. Anyone that loves Israel, anyone that supports Israel, builds Israel.

Fellow lovers of Israel, I am happy to report Jerusalem continues to be built. Here are some of the latest developments. And this is not something we should hide from America and the world but something we should brag about!

The Jerusalem Light Rail Continues to be built…

Several weeks ago the power was turned on and the trains were tested for the first time.

They tested them over the “Bridge of Strings” and are currently testing them on Hertzl Street.

“Light Rail Crossing” Signs are going up all over the city.

Some New Buses, Larger and Cleaner, were also introduced last month.

In perhaps the most exciting sign of real growth yet another mega-super market opened recently.

“Rami Levi Mehadrin” seeks to meet the needs of the fast growing charedi population.

In good economic news, this appears to have opened to directly compete against Osher Ad.

Indeed, we are growing so fast that likely both stores and many more will be able to survive while keeping prices low and service high.

Incapable! (Lit: Not Really Able)

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