Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Woman Laughs And Mocks Man Putting On Tefillin By Chabad At Ben Gurion Airport

YWN reports:
The self-hating Jewish woman is seen loudly mocking and insulting the two men. She demanded that they “move because you are bothering me….and “why are you doing this here, there are people here, this is a public place.”
Then this came out:

Report: De Beers to Sell Diamonds Made in a Lab

Bloomberg reports:
 ...De Beers says that its move isn’t to disrupt existing lab-diamond producers, but create a small, profitable business in its own right.
Of course they are lying.
A 1-carat man-made diamond sells for about $4,000 and a similar natural diamond fetches roughly $8,000. The lab diamonds from De Beers will sell for about $800 a carat.
 If they wanted a small profitable business they would sell them for $,3500 a carat. Still much cheaper than what competitors are getting but with maximizing the profit. At $800 they are simply trying to protect their crown jewels and "put daylight" between all lab grown gems and natural diamonds.